Saturday, November 12, 2011

new house projects - the bathroom

This is one of two rooms where I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.  I've been told it's small and has a shower/tub combo, possibly peeling wallpaper...but that's it.  Not a lot to go on.  It's the only bathroom in the house, so there's no saving this until last, because anyone who comes to my house is going to see it.

My bathroom right now is pretty boring, but I really like my shower curtain (the brown tree silhouette at the end of this post), and I've got nice microfiber brown towels to match.  Since I've got some black hooks, I'm hoping I can use both blacks & browns without making it claustrophobic.  I think it's really small, but I like blacks and browns together.  I also like this picture, and I'm thinking about dying the background of my shower curtain a dusty rose color to match. My hesitation is that I'm not a huge fan of pink.  If the shower curtain is the only thing this color, it could be pretty though.  Decisions are so hard to make when you've never been IN the room.

Potential Projects for the Bathroom:
  1. Wallpaper Removal: If there's wallpaper, I'm 95% sure it will have to go.  This is not going to be fun in a cramped space.  On the upside, if it's as tiny as I think it is, maybe it won't take too long.  I'll need mom's wallpaper scorer & wide putty knife, and probably some sort of solvent.
  2. Painting: I'm going to have to come up with a color scheme.  Maybe something two toned, charcoal grey & light brown.  I've also painted a frame around a shower before, and that might be a good idea. I REALLY need some help in this area, and I have a friend in mind that just might find herself at the paint store with me this weekend.  One thing I have found helpful is the Design Seeds blog.  (that's where the great color palettes are from) All it is are pretty pictures, with colors pulled out for you.  You would think that as an artist I would be good with color, but I really struggle.  Maybe it's because I'm a picky perfectionist, but I can get really lost getting colors to match.
  3. Makeup Storage:  I really like the idea of putting magnets on the back of makeup, sticking them on a framed piece of metal.  You can paint the metal or put paper on it, to make it your style.  I've posted about this project before, and I've got a great frame picked out.  My cousin is a painter, so I'm thinking about having her paint me something as a Christmas present.
  4. Shower Curtain: The white background is probably going to be too stark, so I'd like to dye it.  This is a maybe project, and something I can easily do on my own, so it may not be a priority.
  5. Cleaning:  The not so fun part of the move.
  6. Furniture: Nothing I really need to bring, I just don't need to forget the toilet paper on day 1.
Possible Color Combo
Shopping List:
  1. Wallpaper removal solvent?
  2. Wall Paint (once I pick a plan)
  3. Sheet metal
  4. Lots of Scrubbing Bubbles
  5. RIT Dye (Color #116 maybe, Rose Pink & Taupe) 
  6. Magnets 
  7. Painter's Tape
Borrow List:
  1. Paint Tray
  2. Paint rollers (long handle?)
  3. Cleaning bucket
My Bathroom Board on Pinterest

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