Friday, November 11, 2011

more projects - the living room

Found on tumblr, I kinda like it :)
In two weeks I'll be in my new house!!  I should get me keys after lunch Thanksgiving day, and while everybody is out shopping on Friday I will be having a work day.  I won't know how much cleaning I'll have to do until I get to look, but there are a few things I already know about. So my mom doesn't freak out, here's my to do list for the living room:

  1. The fireplace: It has char marks on the facing, so I need to find some way to clean that up without making a huge mess.  I'm going to start with Simple Green, a scrub brush, and a bunch of old towels, but will probably be ready with a backup plan if that doesn't get it.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.
  2. Curtains - I'm completely at a loss on what to do here.  I'm thinking about brown or navy, but I'm probably going to leave that decision until January.  So to get started I'll get brown curtain rods for 1 double and 1 single window, and 2 drop cloths to make curtains out of.
  3. Ceiling fan - Classic 70's brass fixtures.  I don't mind the wooden blades, but the hardware needs to be sanded, primed & painted.
  4. Lantern Light Fixture: I think I remember a really dated light fixture in the living room.  I hope that it can be repainted and doesn't have to be changed.
  5. Carpet - May have to be steam cleaned.  This would be a good Saturday project after any painting is done, before furniture is moved in, and while we're more focused on the outside.
  6. Ottoman - I'm not going to get my leather tufted ottoman, but I am going to make a placeholder.  I saw this palate ottoman, and I think I can handle it. I just need a sander, legs, and stain. I'll wait to do the cushion til the 2nd weekend, or maybe wait until January.
  7. Furniture: Need to get the couch from a friend in Riverview, a table from grandmother, my 2 side tables, and decide about chairs & papas-an chair.  May be able to get couch on Saturday, but I'll wait to move the rest until Sunday.
Shopping list:
  1. 2 brown curtain rods
  2. 2, 9'x12' drop cloths
  3. sandpaper for orbital sander
  4. 4 table legs
  5. 1 can stain
  6. 1 can spray primer for metal
  7. 1 can spray paint for metal
  Just as a bonus, here are some of the color pallets I'm thinking about for the living room...eventually.  For now I'm just decorating for Christmas!

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