Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My next move

My new front porch!
I've made a few vague references to the fact that I have one more move coming up in 2011 - bringing the total to 3 moves. Since my move is now less than a month away I thought it is about time to let everybody know what I'm so excited about.

I'm moving into my great grandmother's cottage house :)

It's a simple 2 bedroom 1 bath house, with a living room, kitchen, & dining area. It has a great covered front porch, and a barn style detached garage/storage building.  It's not huge, but it's exactly what I need.

The house sits on the largest natural pond in Hamilton County, which even shows up with its name, on Google maps. The pond is at least an acre, and my best guess from tax maps is house and land is about 8 acres.  I love being near water, and this pond is gorgeous.  If I edit this post, it will be when I can scan a picture of the pond and put it here.

When the house was built nearly a hundred years ago, it was a 2 room fishing cottage for my great grandfather. If I have the story correct, my great Grandmother Grace, moved the family to this house when my great grandfather died around the Great Depression. Over the years the house was added on to several times, and essentially rebuilt after it fell into disrepair in the years after Grandmother Grace died. This is great news for me since all of the wiring is 10 years old, and not 50. Here's a little history on the house & updates:

  • Additions onto original house before 2001: Master then 2nd bedroom, kitchen & dining room, the bathroom, 2nd fireplace
  • Upgrades from original house before 2001: running water, well then city water & septic tank, central heat & air, double ovens.
  • 2001 renovation: new tin roof & insulation, new wiring, new windows, shower added to bathroom, new carpet, new vinyl flooring in the kitchen, new washer & dryer, new heat & ac units.

I'd say its come a long way!  The only modern appliance I won't have is a dishwasher. When I move in this Thanksgiving there's a good amount of TLC that needs to be done to the yard, the house, and the exterior, but I'm up for a challenge.

I wrote a post a while back about what I was looking for in a house and why.  Here's how Grandmother Grace's house stands up:
  1. Laundry Chute -Nope, this is a 1 story house, no room for a laundry chute
  2. Built-Ins -YES!  There are built ins in the living room next to the fireplace
  3. A fireplace -YES! The downside is that it doesn't draw well.  I'll probably convert it to gas next year.
  4. A Studio Space -YES! The detached garage is 2 story, so my glass shop will go there :)
  5. A Garden - YES! Probably more than I can handle.
  6. Water -YES!  Love the pond :)
  7. Grill & Patio -Eventually. There is an area off the kitchen and 2nd bedroom that will be a great patio space. But that's going to take some time.
  8. A bathtub - Kinda, there's a shower/bath combo.  If I buy this house, then there will be another addition with a new bathroom.
  9. Things that have history/stories - YES! Doesn't get more historical and personal than family.
  10. Dark woods - YES! The living room has great wood all around the fireplace, and dark bead-board up to chair rail height.
  11. Bonus: a big, square, brown, leather, tufted ottoman....Still on my wish list.
You can see why I'm so excited.  It's been so hard not to post about this, but until the current tenant was notified that her lease was not going to be renewed and all of those details were settled, I didn't want to jinx myself!  The fun part now is the planning. Picking out curtains, looking at auctions for furniture, and scouring the internet for plants. I'm really excited and can't wait.  I don't even mind the packing.  The plan involves friends and wine, so even the packing should be fun!

I was able to take a look around the property a few months ago and snap some pictures.  Here are the 'before' pictures.  The first of many more pictures to come.

Future Grill & Patio Area
2nd Bedroom
Small Hosta garden at the driveway
Rear entrance in need of TLC


  1. It's beautiful! And so exciting...an 8 acre yard...a 1 acre pond! The house is so cute and has a ton of potential. Keep us updated - I can't wait to see how you make this home yours.

  2. Thanks Becky! I'm going to try and do some before and after pictures, and some wish list project posts soon :)


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