Friday, November 18, 2011

mini blinds, lots of mini blinds

The downside to having 15 wonderful windows in a 2 bedroom house is that I have 15 mini blinds that probably haven't been cleaned in the 10 years since the remodel.  They're dusty and starting to yellow.  I wasn't sure the best way to clean them so here's what I've done: I soaked them in the bathtub in a mixture of hot water, dish soap, & oxyclean for 20 minutes, then brushed over both sides, rinsed & hung them up to dry on my shower curtain rod.(I just wrapped the chord around the hardware & the rod in 2 places and it worked well) I did the first two last night, so I'll see what they look like when I go back tonight. If they're still yellow, I'll switch to bleach. If you have any ideas on how to clean mini blinds, let me know! **

Since I got my keys 2 weeks early, I took Wednesday off of work to get started on the house.  With my mom's help, I got a lot done!  I've picked out paint for the entire house.  Everything is getting repainted except for the ceilings, and the trim in the living room.  We even got 2 coats on the master bedroom.  We'll do the trim this weekend, and then we'll be done with my bedroom!  As soon as we're finished I'll have before and after pictures to post.

I'm having a 'painting party' this weekend, and I'm hoping to get the walls in the living room and kitchen done, and maybe even the trim.  The living room is not going to be too bad, but the kitchen walls need a lot of work before we can paint.  The work will be worth it though.  I really can't wait to move in!

** Thanks to @ChanteDNewcomb for this link on cleaning Mini Blinds!  Almost exactly what I was doing :)

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