Sunday, November 13, 2011

new house projects - guest bedroom

When I started posting about my move into my great grandmother's house this Thanksgiving, I thought it was going to be just 3 posts. Well this is post number 5, and I haven't even gotten to the fun part - the yard. Oops. These posts are great for keeping me organized, and I hope you're enjoying reading them. The weekend after Thanksgiving is going to be a busy one!

On to the next room, the guest bedroom. This is going to be pretty easy since I'm not worried about 'finishing' it. It just needs to be cleaned and painted, and will remain empty. The first family that lived here after Grandmother Grace died had a son while they were renting, and this room is cotton candy blue. Great for a baby boy, not so much for me.

This room has 3 walls of with large windows. I'm not going to fight the natural light, so I'm going to keep the room a bright neutral, color. I've got 3 paint strips that have the brown from the living room bead board, the yellows I want in my kitchen, and some light neutrals to tie the two together. I'll pick something from the light end of the spectrum for this room.

As far as decorating goes, since I don't have furniture for this room yet, I'm just going to put up some things that I like. I'll bring in my old Beatles poster, and my grandmother has some old sheet music with fun covers. I have 10 document frames that currently have vintage liquor ads (taken from a calendar and placed on watercolor paper for a faux matte) and I can take those out, replace them with the sheet music, and I think it will look pretty cool.

My poster is remastered from this shoot
Shopping List:
  1. Paint
  2. Painters Tape
  3. Paint Roller covers
Borrow List:
  1. Paint Rollers (long handle)
  2. Paint tray
  3. Drop Cloths

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