Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good news!

Ahhh, the Internet.  I'd been excited about this part of my move for a while, until Dad through a wrench in my plans.  He reminded me that the utilities from the road to the house are underground.  Meaning any additional lines - ie fiber for my internet - would have to be underground too.  EPB is giving free installation to customers who keep the service for a year, but he didn't think that running the underground lines would be covered.

WRONG!  I called and spoke with EPB, and if the existing utilities are underground, then they will run the new lines underground at no additional fee.  **Does a happy dance**  This news seriously made my day.

More on EPB Fiber: When Greenville was vying for Google Fiber, I wondered why Chattanooga wasn't getting in on project.  Turns out it was because Chattanooga already had a Gig, fiber to the home - in a 600 square mile coverage area.  Since my apartment building is older, it hasn't been wired for fiber, and this will be my first chance to connect.  I won't be needing the 1GB/s upload and download capability, but it will be nice to have reliable fiber, and NO MORE COMCAST!   (Side note: my grandparents literally went from AOL dial-up, to satellite, to fiber internet in the past 2's a crazy difference)

Housekeeping: I'm going to be posting a lot more frequently for the next few weeks as I'm getting ready for my move.  I've got a lot of planning to do, and this way my mom & the other people I've recruited to help know a little more about what they're getting into, and maybe I won't forget anything major. (It's not going to be that bad though, I promise!)  So I'm not spamming anyone who's not too terribly interested in my home do it yourself projects, I'm not going to be posting links on facebook.  I'll still post links on twitter, but if if you rely on my facebook posts, and want to keep up with my progress, add a bookmark or subscribe to my feed.  

Have a wonderful day everybody!

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