Saturday, November 12, 2011

new house projects - bedroom & hallway

Love this x-ray print in my room
Writing all of these posts has made my move a  little more daunting than I'm used to.  This is my 3rd move of 2011. I'm a pro at it.  I can bring in my stuff and get it set up in no time.  But this is my first move into a house that is not an apartment, and also entirely mine.  Any other house I've lived in has come with roommates and their furniture already set up.  This move is not just bringing in my stuff, it's working on the house too.  I've never had to paint when I've moved, and I really don't know how much time that's actually going to take.  Luckily my bedroom is a room that I can set up in my sleep, because it's one of two rooms I haven't actually been in. (The other being the bathroom)

Bedroom Projects:
  1. Dresser - I'd like to paint my dresser black.  I can do this in the gravel driveway and not worry about being messy.  It will need to be sanded, primed and painted.  I'd like to get new drawer pulls for it eventually, but that probably won't happen the first weekend.
  2. Curtains - I need at least 2 more panels to fill all of the windows.  Not a huge priority since one of the windows doesn't get much sun, and there are blinds in place.  I'll also need curtain rods; I'm going to use what I've got in the kitchen.
  3. Painting - I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to paint this room.  That would take a huge chunk of time that I'd rather spend in the yard.  If I paint it will be a grey to neutral shade, something most people would consider light, but I consider medium.
  4. Storage - I don't know what kind of closet space I've got and crossing my fingers it's not going to be a problem.  There's always the spare bedroom :)
  5. Art - I've got 90% of the art for this room, but I'd like to get one of my skymaps framed and hung in here at some point.
Hallway Projects:
  1. It needs to be painted. (Benjamin Moore # HC-29 or HC-30) Right now it feels like a tunnel and the walls are skint up and gouged in spots.  This is an easy fix.
  2. Art - The only idea I have is vintage Chattanooga postcards I've seen on Etsy.  I'm going to treat this like the living room and just decorate for Christmas and deal with it after the new year.  :)
Shopping List:
  1. 3, black curtain rods with doorknob style ends (World Market or BB&B)
  2. 2 more curtain panels (JC Pennys)
  3. hallway paint
  4. painters tape
  5. black paint for dresser
  6. primer for dresser
  7. sandpaper
Borrow List:
  1. drop cloths
  2. paint rollers (short handle)
  3. wall putty.  I'm not going to need much
  4. putty knife
  5. orbital sander
My Bedroom Board on Pinterest

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