Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Planning my move

So I have a bit of a problem moving into the my great grandmother's awesome house that I told you about last week....I have no idea what to do with the living room.  I've almost always had roommates with living room furniture, so I don't really have a style of my own, or know what fits the house.

A few months ago, the current tenant was out of town, and I went with my grandmother to walk around the property.  While we were there, the tenant's son-in-law stopped by and gave us a tour of the house. I hadn't been in the house since the 2001 renovation was complete, so I was thrilled to get inside.  It was nice of him to show us around, & nice to see exactly what needs painting or updating, and how much stuff the house can hold - and it was full.  As in, couldn't see the chair-rail in the living room, boarder-line hoarder, full.  That was more than a little overwhelming. 

My solution...decorate for Christmas.  Rather than stressing about putting together my perfect living room when I first move in, I'm going to decorate for Christmas and save the rest for after the first of the year.  Kinda of a cop out, but since I don't really know exactly how much space I'm working with, that's the plan. :)

My first project to get ready for my move are Christmas Tree Ornaments.  I'm going to keep things rustic and simple for my tree, and do handmade (ie cheap/budget friendly) ornaments.  These are some of the ideas I am going to try and get made before I move:

Twine wrapped around a ball
Newspaper strips and glitter modge-podge
'Glass Globs' hot glued to a plain ornament
Ivory with burlap & glass diamonds

It's a simple color palate: black, ivory, clear, and brown.  Add some white lights, and maybe some burlap garland, and regardless of what the rest of the room looks like, at least my tree will be pretty!!

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