Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Ornaments!

Ornaments I will have for sale at the Memorial Hospital Fair this weekend
Every year I make and sell Christmas ornaments.  Instead of doing all glass ornaments this year, I'm making old fashioned fabric ornaments, and glass 'accent' ornaments.  The accent ornaments are 1" diamonds.  The idea is to have coordinated accents that sparkle & fill in the blank spots, but are nice enough to stand alone.  My favorites are the white and mirrored glass.  The glass ornaments are 10 for $25, and the fabric ornaments are $7.50 each or 3 for $20.  I am officially taking orders now, so if you want something special, just let me know (comment, e-mail, tweet, etc) and we can match your colors.  Everything I do is completely custom.  I'll be posting more pictures in this Facebook album, so check back there if you want to see more.

Memorial Hospital is hosting a fair this weekend, and the ornaments above are some of my ornaments that a co-worker is taking to sell.  She also has a permanent booth at "The Crazy Daisy" in East Ridge if you'd like to see my work there. 

I know I'm not decorating for Christmas yet (that comes when I move!!) but I know a lot of people are starting to think about it, so I thought I'd go ahead and let you know what I'm doing this year!


  1. OOO spiffy, you have me tempted in my love for all things Christmas :)

    My house has been decorated since early October at least the outside, now the entire house is good to go and we have started turning the lights on haha I am a little bit of a Christmas freak

    Good luck with the ornaments!

  2. Thanks, I enjoy making them. I have a feeling my tree this year will be covered with entirely handmade ornaments :) I have a project that takes old, plain, colored balls, and covers them with small strips of newspaper and glitter modge-podge. I'm thinking that with the white diamonds, and some ivory & burlap fabric ornaments would be pretty.


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