Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(Re)Discover Chattanooga - Link 41

"Our meats come from animals raised on local farms. Every meat we make is freshly processed and made only in small batches.

Pork is a tradition in the South, and we are bringing it back home. For better health, For better flavor. For a stronger local food community. For the love of place. For the love of pig."

How can you not get excited when you read that on the Link 41 website. I am a little hippie at heart, and one of my favorite things about moving back to Chattanooga has been the Harvested Here and farm to table movements.  Many of restaurants use local food vendors, and I feel like the farmers markets have a little coalition going, and are working together to promote all of the weekend markets.

I've seen Link 41 at the Brainerd Farmers Market, and follow them on twitter, but for some reason I hadn't picked up any pig.  I know they take a lot of pride in what they do, and it must pay off because they won the Chattanooga Farmers Market Chili Cook-off this past weekend!  Let's just say I was waiting for the right moment to give them a try.  I got really excited last week when I saw this tweet:

Ummmm....Yes Please.  I was running errands Saturday, dropped of my turkey, and yes, I picked up some bacon.  Side note: I'm also a technology nut, and I loved that they checked me out with a credit card reader attached to a cell phone, and texted me the receipt.  This makes so much sense for a small business that travels.

I was making mini quiches for my painting party on Sunday, and they helped me pick out some shoulder bacon.  I never knew there were so many choices when it came to bacon.  Of course they led me to the right choice, and it was AMAZING.  It was cut nice & thick, and I even made my mom smell it before it was cooked it was so good.  I lined my muffin tins with bacon, baked it at 350 to get the bacon started, then poured the quiche mixture over it so it turned out like a bacon cup.  You can never go wrong with a bacon cup btw.  The bacon was perfect. It wasn't tough or greasy or too salty.  Yuo were able to bite into it and it almost melted in your mouth.

They also do custom sausages in 5 pound (or more) batches.  Ohh the possibilities.

Let's just say I'll be picking up more than just my turkey tomorrow.

Link 41
Location: 217 East Main Street, No. 105
Shop Hours:
  • Monday-Thursday 1-4pm
  • Friday 1-6pm
Main Street Market
  • Wednesdays 4-6pm
 Chattanooga Market
  • Sundays 11am-4pm
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