Monday, August 1, 2011

I didn't get the sofa but....

I went to The Chattanooga Auction House over the weekend , and while the vintage Chesterfield sofa I mentioned in my last post sold for way out of my price range (I tend to have expensive taste), I did walk away with a few good purchases for my next move.

Here's your first clue about my next move: the bathroom is tiny. There is no en suite master bath in my near future, haha. The first purchase I made at the auction is for a project I have in mind.

I bought an ornate frame and will paint it to match my next bath. Since I will have no counter space, magnets seem like a good way to deal with what little makeup I have. What I like about this, is when you have guests over you can take your makeup down, and it looks like you just have a picture in your bathroom....sneaky huh.

My big auction purchase is this sideboard!

I love it, but bidding on it was stressful! I was lucky it was painted this color, and I only had to bid against one other person, or I probably never would have gotten it!

I'd been toying with the idea of building a sideboard that could double as storage for my stained glass. After trying to live in an apartment where the dining room doubles as my studio, I've decided that in my next move I need to have a dedicated space, and scrapped the project.

I love the circles on this sideboard, and the fact that it is two tone. I think the colors are going to work great, and if not, I got it for such a steal I don't mind painting it black! It's Henredon; I don't know much about the company, but quick search showed me that they are a 65 year old company out of NC. Sounds good to me. The two drawers are lined with the silver anti-tarnish fabric, and all of the hinges and rails are in really good shape. The surprise is the whole cabinet is on casters. You can literally move it with two fingers. It's not very tall, but has room for adjustable shelves under each drawer. I love it and it is just the size I was looking for. Yay for auction buys!


  1. Thanks Jodi!!! I'm so excited. Maybe sometime next spring you can come visit in Chattanooga (I know you're not going to want to leave Clemson for a while once you get back!!)

  2. great and very pretty idea for the make up holder. love it!


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