Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gameday Prep

This is the first time in 10 years that I haven't been in Clemson (or GaTech) for the opening weekend of College Football. I'm still crazy excited, and do not plan on moving out of earshot of the TV all day Saturday. I'll watch games Thursday & Friday, but Saturday, Saturday, is the real start for me.

I've printed the full day's schedule, with game times and broadcast method (channel/website), and filled in the gaps that ESPN.com doesn't like to advertise & local broadcasts. My homemade Bloody Mary recipe has been tweaked and is ready to go. I made bacon dip tonight (the longer it sits in the fridge, the better). I'm ready. All that's left are Friday trips to the Grocery & Liquor stores.

Week One is usually a bunch of big teams playing little teams so they can start the season off on the right foot. But there are going to be some good match-ups, and some games where I'm just excited to see a certain team play. I'm a planner, and here's my plan for the day:

9:30am - Roll out of bed, pre-heat the oven for cinnamon rolls, and boot up the laptop. It's going to be a twitter kinda day. (This picture on tumblr, prompted the decision to make cinnamon rolls a part of my football tradition this season. We always had cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, its just about the same feeling, but football!)

10:00am - ESPN Gameday. This requires a toast, and the first Bloody Mary of the day.

12:00pm Kickoff - Utah State @ Auburn on ESPN , flipping to App State @ Virginia Tech on The CW, (Auburn plays at Clemson Week 3 so I want to see how good they are this year, and a good friend did her undergrad there)

3:30pm - Troy @ Clemson on ESPN3.com, flipping to BYU @ Ole Miss on ESPN & USF @ Notre Dame on NBC. This is about the time I'll be switching to bourbon. Game Day = Jim Beam.

6:00pm - Montana @ Tennessee on Espn3.com

7:00pm - Montana @ Tennessee, flipping to BYU @ Ole Miss & Elon @ Vanderbilt (I watched SEC media Days and liked the new Vandy coach.)

8:00pm - LSU v Oregon on ABC, flipping to Boise St. @ Georgia on ESPN

10:15pm- If I'm not completely worn out, Colorado @ Hawaii

Teams in bold are the teams I'm watching these games for. Some of them are 'my teams', some are future opponents of 'my teams', and others I'm just curious about.

Check back Thursday and I'll tell you about 'my teams' and perhaps teams I have connections with (however legit or not) and Saturday I'll post my homemade Bloody Mary recipe!

Hooray for football!!


  1. HELL YA football baby :) I just added my picks for the weekend. I think you forgot a game though??? Middle Tennessee State at Purdue noon on Big Ten Network, although you might not get BTN haha. You should watch our homecoming game though I will be back on the field cheering!

    Best of luck to your teams this year

  2. Yeah, The Big Ten Network doesn't broadcast in the heart of SEC country. I'll be following your tweets and on Gameplan/Gamecast :P

  3. sounds like great fun. I neither play, watch, nor appreciate, but when I hear of these big days and all the food, fun, and drinks, it makes me want to be a fan! :)


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