Thursday, September 1, 2011

My College Football Teams

As promised, here are my teams, the teams I tend to pull for, and the team I hate.

Clemson - I spent 10 years in Clemson and fell in love with the town and the people. NOTHING in Clemson is more important than football. I have always been able to fake being a Clemson fan, I was a Rally Cat, I had a job in Clemson where I was required to wear orange on Fridays (or wear a construction vest & hat all day) and I was literally paid to set up tailgates. Many of my friends incomes are directly tied to the outcomes are directly tied to the success of the football team. Over the past few years no one has forced me to watch or follow the Clemson Football team, but I have. I know a lot about these guys, and I really do want them to do well. Being a Clemson fan may take years off your life, but I do pull for them.

Tennessee - I grew up a Tennessee fan. When I was little one of the few times I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime was the Tennessee Alabama game in October. Peyton Manning was the quarterback when I was in High School, and I used to know all the running backs, the fullbacks, and the receivers. Those were the "Glory Days" of Tennessee Football under Phil Fulmer. While I was in Clemson it was pretty hard to find a place that would show the Tennessee game, so I've missed the past few years or so....probably not a bad thing. I'm really excited about getting back into Tennessee football, and seeing their progress this season.

GaTech - When I was in 3rd grade, a literal line was drawn on the playground. Were you a Georgia fan or Georgia Tech fan? Most everybody picked Georgia, I picked Georgia Tech. Just so happens that my boyfriend out of high school, and one of my best friends went to GaTech, and they both joined the same fraternity. I spent about 3 solid football seasons in Section 221, bobbing up &down between the 3rd and 4th quarter to the Budweiser song, proclaiming myself to be a 'hell-uv-an engineer' and tailgating with 'my boys.' Being a GaTech fan is special. It's Tech, so you know it's not a football school, but the fans they do have are as loyal as any you will find. And every once and a while, the football team will surprise you with some big plays and some unexpected wins.

Teams I hate, hate hate:
Florida, or anything associated with Steve Spurrier. I hate them. I just do.

Teams I have associations with:

UTChattanooga - I live in Chattanooga. My sister and her husband met at UTC. This is the little football team that could. They're not an SEC school. The players are not very big. Attendance is directly tied to if Tennessee is playing home or away. But you gotta have hope for this team. They play in the same conference as Georgia Southern, Elon, Furman and App State, and have yet to win a title. But they're trying to get better. Last year they played at Auburn, this year they open at Nebraska. They don't have a prayer in these games, but they're trying to earn money and show their players that they have a chance to make some plays on a big stage. UTC has a local hot-shot QB, an inexperienced offencive and defensive line, and I hope they can be "the little team that could." You can't help but root for the hometown boys.
Edit: As indicated in the comments, my sister wants to make it known that she played D1 tennis for UTC, and remains proud to be a MOC. Yeah, I guess that's another reason to pull for them ;)

Auburn: This is my sister's favorite team, Alma Matter of my friend Nicole, and an SEC school. They're fun to watch, so I'll pull for them unless they're playing one of 'my' teams.

Alabama: I'm nostalgic. I'd love to see Alabama come back to the glory days of Bear Bryant. I want them to be great, but I still want Tennessee to beat them. My cousin is a sophomore this year, so there's another reason to keep up with them.

LSU: My friend Colleen is a HUGE LSU fan. Seeing as how I'm going to be taking advantage of their super football cable package this year, I have a feeling I'll end up an LSU fan as well.


  1. Didn't you forget a Notre Dame helmet for teams you hate??? Everyone hates the IRISH. POTFI! Wait maybe that is just Purdue fans :)

  2. haha, I am pretty indifferent to Notre Dame. I like that they're independent, but who can hate a leprechaun??

  3. I feel so special being mentioned! Hanging out on the patio of Overtime, wish you were here!

  4. I'll be there with bells on for the Auburn game :) When are y'all coming in for that game?

  5. I would like an Edit on the MOCS section. I also was proud to be a MOC and played tennis for my school :-)


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