Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This weekend: Clemson at Virginia Tech

This weekend Clemson wraps up the 'Schedule of Champions' part of the season facing off against the defending ACC Champs in Blacksburg. It's our first big road test, but I don't think location will be too much of an issue. Even though the noise has worked in our favor and not against us this year, we know what loud sounds like, and at least we won't be surprised. What I am worried about is consistency. Anyone who has been a Clemson Football fan will tell you it takes years off your life. The biggest culprit is the stress that accompanies inconsistency. We've played some good games and some not so good games, and that make me nervous. The only good thing is Clemson usually gets up for big games, and this qualifies as big.

The best part about this game is it will be my first big 'tablegate' of the year. A good friend of mine went to med school at Virginia Tech, and we're going to watch the game in HD at her place. She has treated me to many an amazing meal, and so I'm excited to bring a tablegate spread. If you know me at all, I'm all about a party, good food and good friends.

Prediction: As soon as I pick the Tigers, I'm going to loose. But I'm going to do it anyway. I like the passion of this football team. I was impressed by our ability to finally wrap up a tackle vs FSU. VTech has a young team, and I think that works in Clemson's our freshman are better than theirs. This is a big game and I like Clemson's track record when it matters. The first half will be ugly, but Clemson will get it together in the 2nd half. Tigers win on the road, and become the first ACC team EVER to win 3 in a row against ranked opponents. (and possibly loose the ACC in the same season. That would be our luck)

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  1. I did my part emily, I picked the Hokies!! You're welcome :) haha Who do you root for when Clemson plays Ga Tech?


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