Friday, May 16, 2014

floral friday

So, my garden goal this year is to have flowers.  Not just plants, I have a lot of those, but things that bloom and look pretty. The idea being, if I have enough things blooming outside, I can bring them inside too.  I'm getting there!

I'm not a fan of pink and red together, but I don't care. I have flowers.  In a pretty vase.  In my house.  Mission accomplished. 

The peony & rose aren't new this year, but they've gotten some extra tlc, and this is the first year the rose has bloomed.  Hopefully this arrangement will last a little while, if not, there will be more where that came from. 

There are a lot of 'floral friday' linkups out there, I linked to this one.  Let me know if I should be linking to another one. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

may bloom day

Here's hoping that this goes better than yesterday's disaster of a blogging attempt.

Happy Bloom Day!  Guess what? I have roses!!  The fence roses are covered in buds, and just a few started opening in time for me to take pictures.  This rose didn't bloom at all last year, and it is a dark pink, almost red.  It's tiny, but it has lots of petals.  I can't wait to see what the center looks like.  There are three roses on the fence, and this is the first to bloom.  It reaches about 4-6 feet, and has sent out a few really good looking, sturdy canes this year.

My peony looked great this year too.  It has doubled in size, two blooms this year, and they are just pretty.  No other way to describe them.  I'm looking forward to next year, apparently it should double in size again.


The Hearts-A-Burstin are doing their thing, but it doesn't seem as showy this year.  I blame the peonies.

The hellebores are sticking around too, but I think their days are numbered as it starts getting hotter.

My rhododendron is making its way to a full recovery from the drought before I moved in.  It had even more blooms this year, and you really can see the new vertical growth.  Before the drought, it was as tall as the roof on my porch, but died back to about a quarter of it's previous size.  It'll take time, but it's coming back.

The duetiza (sp?) is coming back too.  This is an old fashioned shrub that my great grandmother planted.  The renters who lived here before me didn't do a lot as far as taking care of things, and I know this could be prettier than it is.  It has beautiful blooms, but only half of the plant actually flowers.  A little fertilizer should go a long way to fixing that for next year.

These little sweet alyssums should fill out nicely this summer and make a nice boarder.

This year has been funny for the wildflowers.  My yard is full of yellow, but I'm not seeing the red and blue that I'm used to.  Hopefully the fire pinks are just being slow.

The wild blackberries are really happy though, and I think I'll have raspberries this year too.  If I can get to them before the animals do.

I'm trying my hand at vegetables again this year.  I really don't have enough sun, and there is a lot of wildlife that calls my place home, but I'm going to try.  For the zucchini & squash I am using a technique for deep watering that I saw on pinterest.  You fill the buried pot with water, and it drains deeper into the soil.  When I water with the hose, I usually fill the pot 3 or 4 times, or until it holds water. I'm not sure this would work better than a drip hose, but we'll see.

Well that's about it, and I'd say it's a good improvement over last year and the year before.  For more of what is blooming around the world today, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

PS, my mom just started a blog so she could do bloom day too.  So if you want to see where my plants come from, or what plants will be in my garden soon, take a look.  I'm sure she would love the visitors and the comments! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

plants in the ground

I have tried three times to write this post and it just isn't working.  The blogging gods are not smiling on me.  Every time I tried to format the post so that it's actually legible to read, it got crazy, and now it completely disappeared.  In the 30 seconds from when it happened, and when I tried to revert to the draft, it auto saved.  Fantastic.

So here is an ugly graphic I want to reference later, and I'll try another post tomorrow for bloom day.  For now, I give up.

That would be Dusty Miller, not Dusty Millet.  Oy vey.

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