Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(Re) Discover Chattanooga - Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil on Brainerd Road near Eastgate is someplace I have been looking forward to trying. I enjoy Thai, but what was cool to me is that its in the same office space that used to hold the family business circa 1983, and was the last location of the business before we moved to our current home down the road. The space is large, open, and nice. The staff was friendly, and I went with a friend who is a regular. The waitress asked about her parents & knew what her 'usual' order was. My friend also knew several other guests in the restaurant, and I loved having a family and neighborhood feel at a Thai restaurant.

One of the things that was lacking in my life in Clemson was a variety in dining. I am soooo excited in what Chattanooga has to offer dining-wise. I've only tried a few Thai restaurants, but I really enjoyed Sweet Basil, and I'm looking forward to diving deeper into their menu. :)

Sweet Basil
5845 Brainerd Road
Chattanooga, TN 37411-5504
(423) 485-8836
(You can tell Sweet Basil is a family owned business built on word-of-mouth. There's no website, and I couldn't find any pictures online - the photo shown here is just an image search for Thai Food....but it's pretty)
Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Monday, March 21, 2011

Believe it or not I actually have quite a few things to blog about right now, I just haven't had the time, or reliable Wi-Fi signal. I have been out and about in Chattanooga exploring & have some fun places and restaurants to review. I got to witness the final stages of an Extreme Home Makeover build from the VIP tent (more to come before the show airs).

I filled out my first ever NCAA Bracket, and I'm failing miserably! I'm 104th out of 110 in my full bracket pool, and last in the "west bracket" of a segmented pool. 3 of my Final 4 teams are still in, so maybe there's still hope...but I'm not holding my breath.

And its Springtime! I don't have much of a yard this year, but I've picked up some bulbs, and I'm looking forward to this time next spring, when hopefully things will be a little different. (more to come on that too...these plans are too big for me to jinx them)

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