Friday, December 20, 2013

o christmas tree

Christmas trees make me happy.  And for the first time ever, I was one of those people who put up their Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  You'll be happy to know I was not one of the people you saw driving around with a tree on top of their car, and a fake wreath on the hood.  Nope, my Christmas tree tradition involves my friend Ann, a saw, a bow knife, and a hunt for a tree on my property.

This year the process went much smoother than normal.  For starters there was daylight, no freezing rain, and multiple trees to choose from.  The selection and cutting process took less than an hour.  We felt like pros, and therefore will have a miserable time next year.

Also in keeping with tradition, we did not trim the tree other than getting the height right.  And for the first time, it actually has the shape of a traditional Christmas tree.  Like I said, we felt like pros and have completely jinxed ourselves for next year.


I think it looks pretty cute.  The ornaments are some that I made a few years ago, and some vintage gold balls from when my parents first got married.  I like it.

Now I just have to wrap presents so I will have something under my tree!

2011 Tree  | 2012 Tree
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