Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(Re)Discover Chattanooga - Glen Gene Deli

I feel like I give a lot of love to downtown on this blog, but not my neck of the woods...East Brainerd.

Glen Gene Deli is one of my go-to lunch stops, and I think it's time to share it with everyone.

'My' Glen Gene is off Shallowford Road, near Hamilton Place Mall.  It's convenient to work, (I can get in and out the back way without getting sucked into mall and interstate traffic) and the food is consistently good, not amazing, but really nice for a quick lunch out.  The menu includes all the lunch staples, sandwiches, salads, and burgers, with a few welcome additions - sandwiches "in a sack" and deserts.

I don't know about you, but anything in a pita feels healthier than the same sandwich in a bun.  My favorites include The Gyro, Chicken in a Sack, and when I'm throwing the diet to the wind, the Philly Cheese Steak in a Sack.  The sacks are a good size, but I've also been known to order a side of tater tots.  Seriously, who doesn't loved the fried potato glory that are tater tots??

Most days I stick with the drive-thru (so I can spend my lunchbreak glued to twitter & Pinterest), but if you dine in, they have a nice little bar with all the sandwich & burger fixings, so you can make everything just the way you like it.

here,  click image for more detail

The other thing I love about Glen Gene is their dessert menu.  This is where you can tell someone put some love into the menu.  You've got pie by the slice, and more milkshakes than I've been able to try so far.  A Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake you say?? That's just one of the fun toppings they have on the menu.

here, click image for more detail

Glen Gene Deli:
Hours: 10AM to 9:30PM,  "Every Day Ending With Y"

East Brainerd Location:
7025 Shallowford Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Glen-Gene Deli on Urbanspoon

Hixson Location:
5748 Highway 153
Hixson, TN 37343

 Glen Gene Deli on Urbanspoon


  1. So now in addition to being hungry for things like gyros and cinnamon toast crunch milkshakes...I think we have something else in common - PINTEREST ADDICTION!! :) Wish we had one of these food dives where I work. As it goes for me - it's a good thing I like McDonald's! :) Try out that milkshake and tell me what I"m missing???

    1. Ummmm, that milkshake is awesome! It starts out with a little crunch, and then the cereal starts getting soft and the cinnamon starts mixing with the vanilla in the milkshake. I probably like it a little too much ;)

      I'll have to find you on Pinterest. Here's a link to me. Come to think of it I should probably add this to my sidebar.


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