Monday, January 16, 2012

tangerine orange & me

Growing up in Tennessee and then spending 10 years in Clemson, orange has always been in my life.  It was a favorite bathing suit color as a kid (neon orange can actually make you look more tan - who knew), and as a sports fan, I've enjoyed wearing both Tennessee and Clemson Orange.

I like orange so much that I've planned to use it as an accent color in my kitchen.  Yellow and green are the primary colors, but I like orange as an accent.

Not too bad, right?  I like Fiestaware, and have hand me down white and blue sets.  I want to expand my collection, so for Christmas I asked for more - so I can start phasing out the blue.  One of the colors I got was tangerine orange...which today I learned happens to be very close to Pantone's 2012 color of the year! How trendy of me! (You're allowed to laugh out loud, I am)

Chatt. Times Free Press Photo by Dan Henry, 1/16/12

 This should make finding gameday clothes much easier this year!

**Photos from World unless otherwise stated.

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