Sunday, January 1, 2012

1 year back in chattanooga

Happy New Year everybody!  I made it 1 whole year blogging on a more consistent basis.  I know I have been crazy late to the blogger party, and it's not as trendy as the newer social media platforms, but this is one of my spaces online, and I've enjoyed my time here.  I've met some cool people, enjoyed sharing some of my adventures around Chattanooga and the planning and progress of my new to me cottage house.  My topics are still random and sporadic, but it does give you an idea as to what I'm thinking about or doing at any certain phase of my life...and yes I really am this all over the place.

When I moved back to Chattanooga last year I made a to-do list of things I wanted to do, see, or try.  I've gotten pretty sidetracked by other things, but this is where I stand on this list, and a few additions for 2012.  The original text is plain, and I've added strikethroughs and additional comments in italics.

The List:
  1. Hunter Museum, -This is a kinda, I went to the Hunter for the River Rocks light show, but didn't go inside.  It stays on the list.
  2. Chattanooga Zoo - baby snow leopards - They're probably not babies anymore, but I'm sure they're still cute
  3. Rembrandt's - I used to love this place
  4. TN Aquarium - penguins!!! I've posted once, but I've been at least 6 times : )
  5. Rock City Garden of Lights I might get to it this year, but time is running out.
  6. Ruby Falls - never been I misssed a chance to go to their Christmas event this year, but I was waiting on company so I'm not complaining
  7. Imax I think I'm going to go see Happy Feet 2, it's playing through January 8th
  8. Rhythm & Brews
  9. 3 Bridges Art Festival
  10. The new Mudpie - aka Hill City Pizza
  11. Chattanooga Billiards Club East I actually get lunch from here a couple times a month.
  12. Market Street Tavern
  13. Loopies in East Brainerd So good.  During restaurant week I found out they use local ingredients
  14. Typhoon - Ahhhh-mayzing
  15. Blue Plate Another one I've been to more than once this year
  16. St Johns Meeting Place
  17. Rib & Loin - BBQ STUFFED BAKED POTATO  How have I only picked up reg BBQ once this year
  18. Yacoubian Tailors I finally went to check it out, maybe if Ani takes a picture of the holiday display I will have incentive to write my post!
  19. Riverbend - Such a good time!  I ate gator tail
  20. bonnaroo?
It looks like I haven't blogged about some of these places, and done a lot more than what was on this list.   Click on the (Re)Discover Chattanooga tag at the end of this post, or on my sidebar to read about some of the other Chattanooga things I have found and experienced.


  1. Emily, you will love Ruby Falls...I really like that place. Ruby Falls does a great haunted attraction at Halloween as well as a good Christmas themed event. The hike and the falls are remarkable. Keep on blogging.

  2. Thanks Tony! I know everybody considers Ruby Falls to be one of the tackier Chattanooga tourist destinations, but I can't wait to go.

  3. Emily, check out my blog at


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