Friday, January 13, 2012

my two wishes

After Clemson's embarrassing, horrible, horrible loss to a better executing West Virginia in the Orange Bowl, I wrote this post on what it means to 'Clemson yourself' - a phrase which has since been added to the urban dictionary.  At the end of the post I made 2 wishes:
  1. Dabo Swinney takes a lesson from Chad Morris and becomes a hard ass.  This means firing a few people, enacting a no twitter/cell phones on gameday rule, and putting his team through the toughest spring training known to man.
  2. Derek Dooley does NOT hire Kevin Steele.
It's only been 8 days, but it looks like 1.5 wishes have already come true!

Derek Dooley at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville hired Sal Sunseri from the University of Alabama and NOT Kevin Steele as their new Defensive Coordinator.  That truly is a wish come true.


Dabo Swinney has become a bit more of a hard ass.  Not a Chad Morris hard ass, but he got rid of Kevin Steele, our horrible defensive coordinator.  There's a $1.3 million question re: if he was fired or left on his own, but that's not for me to worry about.  I'm going to take this as half a wish come true, and I'm hoping Dabo will step up to the plate this spring and become a full fledged hard ass.

Not a bad way to roll into the weekend :)


Sooooo, the spammers have finally discovered my blog. I'm not sure if that means I've 'made it', but it does mean that I have turned on comment moderation for my older posts. Don't worry though, I get the notifications quickly, and promise to read and publish anything that doesn't include random comments or suspicious links.

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