Friday, August 24, 2012

garden update

I have the prettiest weeds ever.

I have a confession to make.  I've only mowed my grass once this this summer.  Part of my new year at my new house is about learning what naturally grows in my very shady corner of the world.  You don't know what is going to grow if you cut your grass right???  I feel like I'm the Darwin of my yard right now.  It's such a good thing I live in the woods.  If I was in the neighborhood next door I would probably have a letter from the homeowners association by now.

One of the most abundant things growing in my uncut lawn is moss, so I'm slowly thinning out the grass so the moss can shine in its soft, never needs to be mowed, evergreen glory.  This has always been on my wish list for my house, so I'm making it happen.  I'm also letting the everything (except the ivy) grow.  This includes what some people label weeds.

But aren't they so pretty?

I pinky swear promise I'm going to look these up in my wildflower book and let you know what they are.  I just haven't done it yet, and wanted to show these pictures off.

These cool little purple, jack in the pulpit plants showed up in one of the few areas where I have turned the soil and mulched.  They wanted to be here, so I couldnt get rid of them.

These Black Eyed Susan Cousins are great too, and I'm hoping that I can save seeds so I can spread them out for next year.


  1. I'm not sure what defines "weed" but I don't think those are. Those are flowers! And very pretty ones, too.

  2. I know! They weren't planted, but I'm glad they decided to show up..even if they're in the middle of my yard ;)


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