Monday, July 16, 2012

july bloom day 2012

I thought this post was going to be a complete bust, but rain this week has saved the day...sorta, kinda.  Technically Chattanooga, TN (zone 7) is not in the huge drought zone covering our country, but it has been a hot and dry summer so far.  We had a week in the 100's, and until this week no rain.  None of which has been good for my yard.  The only bright spot is that I've been wanting to get rid of the grass in favor of the natural moss.  The grass is dying off, while the moss is bright green.  A thought that used to get me strange looks suddenly makes a lot more sense to some people.

My veggies are doing fine thanks to a drip hose covered with 3 inches of mulch, but the rest of the yard is suffering.  It's not much, but here are the annuals, and what few blooms I can find in the yard!

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  1. Hey Emily! It has definitely been a tough summer for gardens, so do not despair... it is not always this bad! Every year is different. That is part of the challenge of being a gardener :)

    I love that flowering shrub... what is it?


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