Friday, December 2, 2011

moving update - almost done

This has definitely been my most ambitious move of late, and possibly ever.  With some wonderful help, I have painted the walls and the trim in my bedroom, kitchen, and living room.  If you are ever thinking about painting paneled walls,think long and hard.  My kitchen has paneled walls that were already painted, but scuffed and dingy. Even after two coats, I have coverage issues in the cracks.  The best way to have painted would have been to go over each crack with a brush before applying the first coat with a roller.  Since these walls are not insulated and will probably be re-done, I didn't take the time to do it right.  It bothers the OCD side of me, but not the practical, impatient, 'I want to get the project done' side of me. I ordered curtains for the kitchen last week, so it's almost ready for the 'after' photoshoot.

My bedroom is coming together, but the progress has been slower than I expected.  The walls & trim look great, but my curtains have been discontinued, so I'm going to have to find something different for the 4 windows in this room (I had sets for 2 windows).  I haven't moved all of my closet yet, and I still need to sand and paint my dresser, so it's going to be a while before this room is done.

My living room is turning out to be a great surprise though!!  The couch I was given is a great fit, and I even have a nice plasma TV on loan until this spring.  I'm saving the 'design decisions' until January, but I'm loving decorating this room for Christmas : )

I've put a couple of projects on hold, until I get completely out of my apartment, and finish what I've already started.  My bathroom still has faux marble wallpaper, and the spare room is little boy blue.  I'm choosing to ignore the wallpaper for now, and keeping the door to the spare room shut.  It works for now.

My plan for this weekend is to get 100% of my stuff out of my apartment, and get the cleaning started.  My lease is through Monday, so here's hoping that it doesn't go down to the wire!!

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