Saturday, October 26, 2013

mini shade garden

The string of creative names continues.  Not too far from my "Shade Garden" is an area that I am calling, for lack of better words, "Mini Shade Garden".  It's less than 1/4 the size of the "Shade Garden," and is basically a triangle in front of a large Hemlock.

The kennel wire around the tree is leftover from my blackberry fence, and my thoughts are to wrap it around the tree, and plant a flowering vine at the base.

I wanted the focal point of this garden to be a hydrangea, and if you read my blog yesterday, then you won't be surprised to know that a few weeks ago I begrudgingly added an Oak Leaf Hydrangea.

It's a tiny stick now, but as it matures, it should spread to a 6 foot shrub.  We'll see.

Also in the Mini Shade Garden:
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Native Columbine
  • No ivy.  This is an area that we pulled the ivy out by hand. 
Both the Lilly of the Valley and the Native Columbine are known to spread, so I planted both to see which wins out Darwin style.


  1. A vine will look really beautiful growing around the tree. I'm sure you can find one that will love a shady spot. I know what you mean about naming the different areas. I had 'The bed with the soaker hose,' but then I liked the soaker hose so well, I put a soaker hose in another spot, too!
    Happy week-end!


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