Sunday, March 17, 2013

garden to do list

March is halfway over, but this is my to do list for the month. It's mostly for me, but if you're in Chattanooga and wanting to do some work outside, this gives you and idea of the types of things that are helpful.

• Pick up sticks. I live in the woods, so this is a pretty big task. (Completed 3/18/13)
• Burn Sticks. I love a good bonfire. (Completed 3/18/13)
• Trim ivy off the trees in the woods. Now is a time to do this, before it gets snakey.
• Check the areas I cleared ivy from last year, and any boarders it would creep in on. (completed 3/25/13)
• Pull ivy further away from the garage. I have a TON of ivy, and a large lot, so I tackle one new space each year. (Completed 4/6/13)
• Plan the veggie garden.(Completed 3/25/13)
• Fertilize the day lilies, & rhododendron.
• If there's time, start pulling grass from the side yard. This is a place I want to be just moss....I am not a fan of mowing the yard in the summer, so I'm letting Mother Nature do her thing here.

It's too early to start planting or mulching, so just general upkeep and maintenance type work is what I'm trying to do. Now's a good time to start weeding before things get out of control.

Hope you're enjoying the wonderful weather!!

Editors Note:  This post will be updated with completion dates as I go along.

1 comment:

  1. Good to have written goals!
    That first one - pick up sticks - is a big job here, too. We usually have some large branches - we pile them at the edge of the woods to give wildlife habitat. So I guess I can't complain about the possums and raccoons now, can I? :)
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea's Menagerie


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