Friday, June 15, 2012

Riverbend Photoset #2 - Festival Food

It is no secret that I love food.  I'm not a true foodie, but fancy or not, good food just makes me happy.  Last night I went down to see Yo Mamma's Big Fat Booty Band from Ashville (such a fun show btw...jam band meets brass band meets funky fun show).  The show was early, so we decided to do festival food for dinner.

Yes, most prices are outrageous at Riverbend, so we passed on the BBQ platters, turkey legs and chicken on a stick...and I think we found the best food for the best deal:  A Fried Green Tomato Burger and Fried Mac &Cheese from Funny Face Food.

The burger was a steal at 14 tokens ($7) and the fried mac and cheese was reasonable at 12 tokens ($6).  I split dinner with a friend since there was so much food, so I for $6.50 I was all sorts of happy.

We'll start with the fried green tomato burger...

The picture pretty much says it all.  The burger is huge, juicy and messy....just the way I like it.  It's served with pickle, onion, lettuce, a special sauce and two fried green tomatoes.  Heaven wrapped in foil.

Now on to the fried mac & cheese.  This sounded good, but I was skeptical.  Recently I ordered "fried mac & cheese bites" from a restaurant that shall not be named, and was served little triangles that looked like cheese sticks.  I was crushed. (I got over it, but it was sad.)  I didn't want to make the same mistake twice, so we asked to see what the Funny Face Food version looked like....and it was a night and day difference.

This is your grandmother's macaroni and cheese, bundled into a ball and fried.  People talk about fried food being crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, but I feel like that never really happens and can't be all that awesome.....well I just found out that it does happen and is that awesome.  This picture is my half of the mac & cheese, and although its hard to tell, the super creamy macaroni just spilled out of the inside of the ball.  It really was soo good.  It even comes with a spicy sauce, if you want to add some kick to this little ball of awesomeness.

After the show we decided we wanted to try something I had heard about, and had to see for myself: Diabetic's Delight - Sugar Free Elephant Ears & Funnel Cakes.  I was curious how someone would make the fried and sugar coated carnival standard sugar free.  The answer: Splenda.  It's the same fried pastry coated with Splenda, or Splenda & cinnamon.  The concept sounded better than it looked, so we went with the classic funnel cake...topped with hot fudge. (14 tokens, $7)

It was everything we hoped it would be, but entirely more food than we could handle.  Between two of us I think we were only able to eat about a third of it.  It was a waste, but I think our arteries thanked us.


  1. Funnel cake is hands down the best festival food ever! That burger looks fantastic though too.


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