Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Riverbend Photoset #1

New this year is the Ferris Wheel. 
I wasn't brave enough to try it in the rain.

Here are some pictures from Sunday night at Riverbend.  It rained just a little bit, but that didn't keep me from Gov't Mule.  This was my, "if I don't see anything else I'm not going to miss this band."  It was a two hour set ending with Soul the rain....I was a very happy girl.

My top two Riverbend moments have been shows in the rain.  Alabama in 2000, and now Gov't Mule.  In 2000 it stormed so bad the show had to be shut down, but we waited it out, and actually snuck on to the barge that is the main stage for the last part of the show.  Funny they didn't think the dancing teenagers belonged backstage in the VIP section.  This show didn't have a storm, but the rain kept everything cool, and I think the band really appreciated that the crowed chilled in the rain to watch the show.

Warren Haynes is amazing, and it wasn't until I heard him live that I realized how much of an influence he is on some of my musician friends.  Maybe it bc they play some of the same guitars (Warren played 3 during this set), but the sound was the same.  I loved it, and it reminded me of Clemson.

I'm glad I got this shot of Warren Haynes smiling and interactnig with the crowd.  I love it when musicians smile and connect.  It's a great reminder that the music comes from a good place, is meant to touch people, and the musician is on the same page as everyone there.

I got a little excited, and videoed Soul Shine.  Unfortunately I was so close to the stage and the sound system that all you can hear is bass.  So I will spare you the video, but show you just how happy I was to get out for this slightly rainy show.

Due to scheduling conflicts,  it looks like I won't be back at Riverbend until Thursday night for Yo Mamma's Big Fat Booty Band, but I can't wait, and I'm sure there will be more pictures.  I haven't gotten into the festival food yet!

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