Monday, February 16, 2015

february bloom day - 2015

My crocus came back! I'm not sure where it came from, but it showed up last year in my rock garden, and it came back this year.  I snapped this picture Saturday afternoon when it was nice and warm and sunny out.  I should have taken all of my pictures then, because I waited until today, and it is a cold rainy mess.  Nothing like the 3-6 inches of snowy mess we were expecting.  Oh well.  At lease I have flowers in February!!

If you've been looking around at other bloom day posts, I'm sure you've seen lots of hellebores/Christmas Roses/lenten roses.  Mine are pass along plants from my mom, planted in November 2012.  They've settled in pretty well, but they're not as full as hers are.  (My baby hellebores from this fall are growing, but no blooms yet.)

I also have daffodils blooming!  The first daffodils opened up on Saturday, just in time for the weather to turn cold, and wet.  There was a little bit of freezing rain when I took these pictures today, so I appologize the quality of the daffodil picture.  It was just too cold to try and get it just right.

Since we're looking at falling temperatures (into the single digits!) in the coming days, I pinched these blooms and brought them inside.  They make my construction zone of a kitchen a little brighter.

Happy belated bloom day everyone.  I have the really bad habit of blogging from my work computer some days.


  1. Those yellow daffodils are perfect to brighten up a Winter day!
    Our predicted sleet and snow turned out to be rain I am thankful to say. However, as temps dropped in the afternoon, you could see it begin to freeze on the trees. I am glad to be retired so I don't have to drive in the morning when roads and bridges are sure to be slick.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    1. Hi Lea, all of the schools here were cancelled, but we missed the snow, and thankfully the ice. I saw a few patches of ice on my way in this morning, but I think there was more on my car doors than anywhere else! We may see another round of snow tomorrow morning, and temperatures in the single digits. I put a large pot over one of my new rose bushes, and I may do the same for a couple of my other plants tonight too. I can't wait for spring!!


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