Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 garden plans

Has anyone else had enough of this cold weather?  I am beyond ready for spring.  It's too cold to be doing much work outside, but I am thinking about what I want to accomplish in the garden in 2015.

March 2014

Observe & Adjust
Looking back, I did a lot last year.  I worked in 8 different areas, and planted quite a bit.  The major areas were the fence garden, the shade garden, and 4 different beds around the house.  I added 2 roses, 2 peonies, 5 hostas, 7 azaleas, a bunch of daffodils, 60 tulips, swaths of purple cone flower & black eyed susans, plus plant sale and plant swap finds.  Looking back, I'm pretty proud of myself.  This year I need to see what survives, thrives, and what holes I have left to fill in.

April 2014 - New hostas from Maxine

I need more rocks.  Most of the flower beds around my house are edged with rock that matches my foundation.  Luckily this rock is 'native', meaning they used what was on the property when they built the house.  Thrifty runs in the family, so I will be going on a rock hunt soon to finish edging the beds.

May 2014 - so many more blooms than 2013

I'm trying to work it so that I my mulching is on a rotating schedule.  I don't want to mulch every bed, every year.  This year I need to mulch the rock garden, the fence garden, and any new plantings.

June 2014 - one of my new window boxes

Bleeding Heart
I have wanted bleeding hearts since the day I moved into my house.  I ran out of money last spring, and I was too late to snag any fern leaf bleeding hearts from the Native Plant Sale at the Chattanooga Nature Center this past fall.  This year I'm committed.

July 2014 - Australian Lily from Maxine

Confederate Jasmine
I found $2 baby jasmines last year, and they all seem to be doing as well as expected.  I also have one larger jasmine that will end up staying in a pot under a large Oak tree.  It is the best spot I've found for the plant, but there is no way I can dig there.  A large plastic pot should do the trick.

August 2014

Fertilizer Schedule
I've got a great excel file from last year that has the planning and schedule for my seed starting.  I need to do the same with my fertilizing.  I'd like to get to the point where I'm just fertilizing my roses on a schedule, but I have so many young plants, they will need TLC for the next year or so.  My memory is a mess, so a schedule in one place would be swell.

September 2014

Bloom Day
I want to post all 12 months.  It doesn't seem hard, but I've yet to do it.  I didn't even blog at all last November.  My blog is better than pintrest for this kind of archiving.  I've looked through my blog today, and it's been a huge help and motivator.  I did more last year than I remembered, and it's nice to look back year to year to know what I should be looking for.  I'd also like to take more wide shots.  My house has been painted, so there is nothing to hide.  I'd like to have more of the big picture, so I know how things grow and change with time.

October 2014


  1. Hi Emily
    I, too, am looking forward to Spring! We've had really cold weather, but no snow yet. It is good to look back over the past year and plan for the coming year.
    Something ate my pansy plants down to the ground! We have rabbits all around, but I've never had problems with them before, not even in the vegetable garden. I suspect it was deer. Early one morning last Autumn looking out my kitchen window, I saw five deer browsing under my apple tree.
    I'm going to hold you to your GBBD posts - remember I'm expecting one each month!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. I hate that your pansies were eaten! Deer are majestic animals, but they can be a pest in the garden!

      We've has a few flurries so far, but no accumulation. The Farmers Almanac says we have a chance of snow through the 6th followed by 2 weeks of cold, and then it will warm up. I'm hoping the bulbs coming up are a sign of an early spring.

      Thanks for holding me to Bloom Day Lea!!

      Happy Gardening!

  2. I have some big plans for changes this year too. I hope you find a bleeding heart or two. I have a swath of the one called 'Gold Heart' and I love it. Also, lots of our PNW native one, called Dicentra formosa, which self-seeds around quite a bit.


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