Sunday, March 16, 2014

march 2014 bloom day

Is it spring yet?? Every time I get excited about spring, Mother Nature laughs at me and sends more cold weather. I'm over freezing, and near freezing temperatures. OVER IT. I'm ready to work in my yard, and start seeing some flowers.

The good news is that the daffodils and hellebores never disappoint.  These daffodils were here when I moved in.  I have added more, but these are still the first to bloom.  I even found some in the woods this year.

Another surprise this year is the Holly.  I had no idea they bloomed, much less yellow.  Who knew?

The hellebores were the first things I planted when I reached the one year mark in my house (for those of you who don't know, I waited a year before I planted anything), and they are all doing really well after quick trim up. Even the ones that were here, but didn't bloom, are thanking me with blooms for the fertilizer and mulch.

Impatiens will fill the tree stumps in about a month.

Something that I've been dealing with since I moved in, was some extreme pruning of the major plants and shrubs.  Think 60 year old boxwoods cut down to about 18" tall.  Someone cut this spirea back crape myrtle style, and its still trying to recover some shape and fullness.  I think it used to be fountain shaped, now, not so much.  It still smells good though.

Next to the daffodils, my favorite thing about spring in my yard is the vinca minor.  It has free range throughout my yard, so there are purple flowers everywhere.

Last but not least, some of the hyacinths I planted 2 falls ago are coming up again.  They were amazing last year, but this year they don't have very many flowers per stalk.  The first one that came up only has three little flowers.  I'm not sure if it's the cold, or the fact I didn't cut the flowers down, but I'm a little sad they're not as pretty as last year.

I'm posting this as part of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens.  It has helped me a ton by encouraging me to document my gardens though the seasons, and has allowed me to see what is blooming all over the world.  If you're interested, check this link for a full list of this month's GBBD posts.

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