Tuesday, January 28, 2014


SNOOOOOW!  It's about time that we were rewarded for all this cold with a little white stuff :)  It's not a lot of snow, but it's just enough to make for pretty pictures.

So without further adieu, let me take you through my day!

10:00 am - Ombre' finally made it to Chattanooga!

1:00pm - Snow in the parking lot. After a successful trip to Armando's.

2:30pm - Still at work, more ombre'.

5:30pm - Driving home. The benefit of staying at work is empty roads.

6:00pm - Snow in the driveway!

Animal tracks, my place feels like a zoo sometimes.

I can't bring myself to lock my shed.  Bunnies need a place to stay warm too.

Doesn't it look so pretty now that it is painted?

This rhododendron is cold, but should be ok.

There will not be a bonfire tonight.

My front yard.  I am a little sad the pond decided to thaw out yesterday.

I know the roads are going to be horrible tomorrow, but I'm enjoying the snow while I can. :)

Update 1/29/14:  Here is what the pond looked like this morning on my way to work.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful snow!
    But I am glad I don't have to drive in it!
    We had only a few flurries yesterday, but the southern part of Mississippi is snowed in. It is really bad for folks who usually have very mild winters. Today the sky is a beautiful blue, but temperatures are still below freezing here.
    Stay warm and stay safe!

    1. Thanks Lea. I got lucky with the drive yesterday. We worked until 5, so most people were off the roads by then, and i knew what areas to avoid. Chattanooga was caught off guard on this one, but it made for a nice surprise! :)

      Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Hi Emily,
    Re my Hellebores
    The mature leaves look pitiful - dark greenish brown and laying flat on the ground. I had read (on blogs) to cut the leaves of the Hellebores off in Autumn, and I thought why? Mine stay green. Now I know! Temps down in the single digits and yuk! a mess. Soon I'll need to get out there and cut the worst of the damaged leaves off. I hesitate to cut them now, as I wonder if cut stems would let cold air down into the crown of the plant and damage it.
    I think what you are seeing in your plants is normal damage from the cold, and they should recover and be just fine. Had they put up any new growth before the Artic blast hit them? Mine were budding, so on the coldest nights I covered the centers of the plants with loose leaves for protection. They (the buds) are doing okay, and the weatherman seems to think the worst of the cold weather is over. Let's hope he is right.
    Hope this helps answer your question

  3. Thanks Lea! Mine have new growth, but no buds, and I didn't think to cover them before our surprise snow. I knew they grow up north, and you're right, it makes more sense now why they trim them back. Hopefully they'll recover, and if the leaves don't perk up, I'll trim them back this spring after it warms up.

    Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!


    Your shed looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks lady. It's come a long way from when you took scary pictures ;)


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