Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the President is coming!

Today is the day.  President Barack Obama is coming to Chattanooga to give a speech about jobs and the economy at our local Amazon fulfillment center.  (Not sure how Amazon fits with high paying manufacturing, but I guess we'll find out.)

Teams from the White House have been here since last week, and parts of Chattanooga have gone berserk.   I love Chattanooga, but our little twitter community didn't quite know how to handle the impending Presidential visit.  The debate over what hashtag to use even made nbcnews.com, and if you look closely, you'll see a quote from me that was meant to highlight how ridiculous I thought people were being.

As silly as the immediate reaction was, I expect some pretty awesome online coverage of President Obama's visit today.  If you want to follow along online, here are my tips.  If you have any additional links let me know, and I'll add them as the day goes on!

What Hashtags I'm following:
#BarackIsInTheHouse [It'll probably just be me, but who knows ;)]

Who to follow:
The main hashtags will be flooded today, so I recommend setting up at group of trusted people to follow.  This is a good place to start, or you can follow my list here, I'll be updating it all day.
@ChloeNooga (from Amazon)
@JamesNooga (from the airport)
@ChadHenderson (An on-site, non media perspective from Amazon)
@DanOKennedy (from the airport this morning, lots of photos)

Who not to follow:
I'll only add to this when people get annoying.
My first thought is @Newschannel9 with polls this morning and not actual coverage.

Live Coverage:
TimesFreePress - real time twitter feeds. LINK
WRCB  - Live video stream of their coverage starting at 11am, and including the President's speech. LINK

Twitter ettiquite tips:
  • When you're actually following a hashtag, it gets pretty annoying when RTs take over.  If you're not adding anything new to the tweet, switch to the old school RT style, and drop the hashtag.
  • Give credit where credit is due.  RT's do this inherently, but if you're linking an article, name the source in the tweet, or add their twitter handle.  Reporters will be working hard today, and they deserve the credit.
  • If you want to be RT'd, keep your tweet short.  Leave people room to RT & comment on your message.
  • Thank people for RTs.  Please and Thank You go a long way in the online world as well as the real world, and after all, we are in the south.
If you're not interested:
Take advantage of twitter filters to filter out unwanted tweets.  You won't get rid of everything, but it helps a lot!

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