Friday, October 5, 2012

(Re)Discover Chattanooga - River Rocks

It's time for River Rocks!

And I'm excited.  If you're new to Chattanooga, or feel like you're stuck in a routine and not taking advantage of all Chattanooga has to offer, River Rocks is a great way to get out and explore.  River Rocks is a fun, 10 day event that focuses on all that Chattanooga has to offer outdoors.

One thing I love about River Rocks is that they have chosen to advance their mission of land conservation by showcasing "the incomparable natural resources of the region and the activities they inspire, the health benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle and Chattanooga’s commitment to environmental stewardship and land conservation."(1) They really want everyone to have fun, and develop an appreciation for the area that we live in.

This year there are over 100 events that range from free to what I consider pricey, but there seriously is something for everyone.  There are clinics and races, festivals and art demonstrations, nature walks & volunteer opportunities.  This video is another sample:

For me, the highlights this year are Wine Over Water, The Hot Air Balloon Glow, The Tennessee River Rescue, countless SUP Paddle board Classes & races on the Tennessee River, Yoga at the Aquarium, The Bike Share Parade, The Gig Concert featuring musicians live in Chattanooga AND in LA, countless hikes, and a sculpture burn.  I won't be participating, but the Rock Creek Stump Jump 50k & 11 mile trail runs are popular and, from what I hear, gorgeous.  

If anyone questions why Chattanooga was names the Best Outdoor City by Outside Magazine, just check out the full list of River Rocks events, and remember that this is just 10 days of the year.

I highly encourage everyone to browse through the list of events on the River Rocks website, or just head down to the riverfront this weekend.  The weather is going to be great!

Paul says it will be like this

 (1) here

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