Monday, March 5, 2012

(Re)Discover Chattanooga - Julie Darling Donuts

Julie Darling Donuts is somewhat famous in Chattanooga.  They opened just over 2 years ago (before the cupcake craze reached Chattanooga) on the North Shore, and have made a name for themselves with their gourmet donuts & bite size after school snacks.

They have a huge (and beautiful) selection of cake, yeast, & filled doughnuts, along with the 'Little Darling' donut holes.

I stopped by recently to see what all the fuss was about, and promptly oogled over the counter trying to make a decision.  I stopped at "Banana Pudding Filled Donut" and never looked back.

I wish I was a better writer and photographer so I could explain how good this donut was.  It was wonderfully rich, so I took my time and sat outside at a picnic table to enjoy it.  And I enjoyed every. last. bite.  Yes, it was a lot of calories, but the Walnut Street Bridge & Coolidge Park are across the street, so you've got a perfect opportunity to walk it off and enjoy the day.

Julie Darling Donuts:
Phone: 423.591.3737
Hours: Monday - Thursday 7am-7pm, Friday & Saturday 7am-9pm
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  1. To quote the famous Homer Simpson "Mmmm Donuts"

    I love me some good donuts would definitely visit this place if I ever get there

  2. ooh.. yum they sound lovely and I bet they taste good too. I am your newest member. Thank you for letting me visit. Feel free to visit me in the orchard.

  3. Hi,
    I knew "Chattanooga" by a rock song "Chattanooga chuchu" and I thought that is the name of a train. Now I know that in your town Chattanooga one can eat so tasty banana donuts!
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
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