Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Blooms Day

The 15th is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day over at May Dreams Gardens, and I'm chiming in for the first time! I am not a 'garden only' blogger, but I love to play in the dirt and create special outdoor spaces no matter how large or small. My space this spring is a very small 4'x6' patio with midday & afternoon sun in Zone 7. I have only lived here a week, but I do have a few blooms to share!

I always loved strawberry pots, but I don't remember ever growing strawberries in them. Mom always used them for impatiens. I paired the gerbera daisy & moss roses in this recently acquired pot.

gerbera jamesonii

portulaca grandiflora "margarita banana"

This is a hanging basket I made this week at The Barn Nursery in Chattanooga, TN & the subject of a post earlier this week.

lantana camara with petunia hybrid "hurrah white" & "hurrah blue"

I hope you've enjoyed the first blooms on my new patio. I have & I'm looking forward to what summer will bring!


  1. Hi Emily - my first time to visit your blog. I love your blooms! Happy May GBBD!

  2. We garden where we can, don't we. I love strawberry pots and one full of miniature hostas and another with sedums.

  3. Welcome to GBBD! The blooms you have look great. Happy May!

  4. Man that's a small space. Happy GBBD.

  5. Christine, Carolyn, Bumble Lush, & Greggo: Thanks for your kind words! With such a new & small space, I was hesitant to join GBBD, but I'm glad I did. I have loved looking at each of your blooms :) HAPPY GBBD!

  6. The gerbera is great... always a favorite of mine and yet I never plant them in the gardens... your's is lovely! Larry

  7. Larry, thank you! I wanted a some blooms that I could bring inside this summer, and I thought the gerbera will be a nice 'happy' flower. Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Congrats on your first bloom day (and thanks for the container gardening hints you left on my blog). Your hanging basket is gorgeous -- I like that color combination.

  9. Becky & Wendy - Thanks! I look forward to reading your blogs :)


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