Thursday, October 22, 2009

NASCAR on twitter?

When I joined twitter this spring no one in NASCAR was there. None of my favorite drivers, and there weren't many 'official' sources of NASCAR news. Oh how times have changed. My NASCAR column on tweetdeck is now my most active group of people, and having grown up in the sport, I love it!

Who I follow
Kevin & Delana Harvick: @KevinHarvick & @DeLanaHarvick
Michael Waltrip: @mw55
Kenny Wallace: @Kenny_Wallace
Kyle Petty: @kylepetty
Bobby Labonte: @Bobby_Labonte
Elliott Sadler: @Elliott_Sadler
Richard Petty Motorsports: @RPMotorsports
Hendrick Motorsports: @HendrickInfo
Richard Childress Racing: @RCRracing
Greenville Pickens Speedway: @GP_Speedway

The drivers are pretty funny and candid. It's a lot of just what they do on a daily basis, but also driver to driver conversation, and some fan interaction. They post a lot of pictures, which is always interesting to see. The teams post a lot about driver and promotional appearances, and when they will be featured on different TV shows. They also provide some cool race day insight into how the different teams are running throughout the day, driver feedback, etc.

How to find NASCAR people on twitter

The easiest way to find out which drivers were on twitter was to check out who the official NASCAR twitter accounts were following. It was a lot easier than doing multiple searches. I also found people that I didn't originally think of, and/or didn't expect to be on twitter. This is where I started: --- I don't know if this is an official account or not, but I did find my favorite new account of the day AJ Allmendinger (@AJDinger)
**Editor's Note: The Dinger's Twitter acct is no longer active. Sad

Who am I not following? Leave me a message in the Comments :)

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