Thursday, September 8, 2016

#pondproject - progress report + what's next

I had some more pictures and videos, so I thought I would continue to document my progress around the pond.   There's a lot more to do, but I feel pretty darn good about my progress so far.

Last weekend's focus was clearing areas that were worked the last time the water was down, about 4 years ago. 

It's a major improvement, and the hawks love it.  I've seen hawks hunting by the pond every day since I cleared this area.  Before you feel too bad for the chipmunks and the frogs and the bugs, know that I've only cleared 1/4 of the pond perimeter.  The end goal is to clear less than half of the perimeter, so there will be plenty of habitat left for all of the critters.

Here's a little video that shows where I cleared on Monday:

And a little video that shoes what's next:

I'm hosting a work day on Sunday to work further down the edge of the pond.  This will be more involved, since these bushes are much larger, and will have to be pulled out with my 4wd tahoe.  Some trees will have to be trimmed as well, but that will help with the view from the porch, so the extra work is definitely worth it.   I can't wait to open this area up some more.  I had my dad come over for a site check this week, and it had probably been 30 years since he had walked that far down the path around the pond.  It's really cool to hear stories of what it used to look like, and how it was clear almost all of the way around.  I know he's excited to open it up again, and this project is making my grandmother happy too - especially the part about clearing the lily pads, she is VERY worried about the fish.

If you want to keep up with my progress, you can follow me on instagram.  I've been posting a lot of pond pictures as instagram stories, and it's a good way to see my progress throughout my work days.

That's it for now.  Happy Thursday!

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