Monday, June 16, 2014

june bloom day - 2014

I have been reminded why I was so into seeds this winter.
1) I have almost nothing blooming right now.
2) I'm cheap.
It's really sad when it's the middle of June, the weather is perfect, we've had lots of rain, but you don't have much in the way of flowers to show for it.

I tried to make an arrangement last week, this teeny tiny bouquet was all I got. 
Baby China Asters (from seed) and Campion

My seedlings are doing ok, but they're not thriving yet.


The impatiens are doing pretty well, I just need to finish planting them.

One of my new window boxes!!

My veggies are doing just ok.  Two of my three tomatoes are growing great, but my zuchinni and squash are still itty bitty.

Oh well, I'll always have my wild flowers and day lilies.

Happy Belated Bloom Day!!


  1. Love the window boxes!
    Though your zinnias look small now, just wait until next bloom day - they will be great!
    Those veggies will be coming along nicely, too.
    Happy Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Lea. This is the first year I've grown my own zinnias. I'm learning patience :)

  2. It's still early - your plants still have time to grow. And you have flowers on your veggies - that's a huge plus!

    1. Thanks Kathryn, I'm really hoping I'll get some squash!

  3. Window boxes look super cute! I've got a few zinnia blooms too, all thanks to you! I'll send pics!

    1. Oh fun! I haven't killed my succulent yet. I'm fairly impressed with myself. :)

  4. Pretty blooms and colors! I like your bouquet. I grew Zinnias with my older daughter one Spring a few years back, and afterward they kept popping up in surprisingly far-flung places in my yard. They must seed out readily.

    The window boxes are lovely! Hope you get to enjoy the view from both sides of the window, and perhaps some visiting pollinators, too. Happy GBBD!

    1. Thanks, the bouquet is itty bitty, but I think it's cute!

      I'm loving my new window boxes, and so are the impatiens. I now have three large widow boxes, on the back side of my house, and I think it makes a big difference. The pollinators are happy with the impatiens, but they're loving the zinnias and wild black eyes susans!

  5. lovely flowers and I also love your new window boxes, I am also thinking of putting window boxes,hope it will be beautiful just like yours.


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