Wednesday, April 4, 2012

favorite things - my cast iron grill pan

It really is the simple things in life.

This past weekend a friend brought over steaks for dinner (with a homemade balsamic & onion jealous, it was awesome) and I got to use the Lodge cast iron grill pan that I got this year for Christmas. It's not aged quite like my grandmother's, but it came pre-seasoned, and I'm working on giving it some flavor.

look at the pretty, pretty grill marks

If you don't know Lodge Manufacturing, they are a family owned, local/regional company that was founded by Joseph Lodge in 1896, and operates out of South Pittsburg TN - not far from where I am in Chattanooga. I own 2 other pieces of Lodge cookware: an ears of corn shaped cornbread pan that is awesome (and I use whenever I make cornbread), and a 3" mini-skillet that was a favor at the Chattanooga Junior League Cookbook Launch Party. (My sister worked on the layout of the Cookbook, and used a Lodge Skillet & seasonal herbs for the cover.) Everyone I know that has used Lodge cookware has loved it, and slowly but surely I plan on adding to my collection.

The other cool thing about Lodge is that they, along with Martha White Flour, sponsor the National Cornbread Festival & National Cornbread Cookoff in South Pittsburg each year. I've never been, but every year my dad's office gets the newsletter with the winning recipes, and I promptly oogle over it. This year the festival is April 28th & 29th, and I think I might go. It would be worth it for the taste testing alone, and come on, who can resist a cornbread festival??

Let me know if you're in the area and up for a road trip!


  1. I'm such a bad Southerner because I don't have a cast iron pan of any kind! It's on my list of "Things to do to make my life complete" so it'll happen one day.

    Hhhmmm... cornbread festival... ; )

    1. Maybe we could find you some cast iron at the auction one day??

  2. omg - I would LOVE to go to a cornbread festival!!! ha!

    I really really wanted a cast iron pan to work for me. I was so incredibly excited about it and bought a le creuset a few years ago. Not a fan. I think I just need my stuff to be squeaky clean before use, and found that everything burned and stuck. Maybe I'm just not using the right technique, but thus far, I have not been converted.


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