Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring 2011

This spring my gardening effort is going to be the smallest in recent memory, I've got a move scheduled for 3 weeks from now with only a patio for gardening, and this winter I have another move planned. So there's not a lot of time or space to get many plants established before I move to an area that could potentially have a completely different sun/shade combination.

I couldn't resist starting a few pots, and the first of my ranunculus bulbs are starting to come up! I'm excited about these b.c they should make great cut flowers, and I can dry the bulbs when I move, and replant next spring. I'm trying to stick to a strict budget this summer, so having flowers will be a nice way to make things look 'pretty' without having to spend any money.

The only other thing I have planted so far is moss. This is an inside joke with my mom. I love moss. I think its pretty. Moss is soft, stays green all year, and you don't have to mow it. I don't understand why my dad pulled up all the perfectly good moss in the back yard to plant grass...and cut down trees so the grass would get more sun...and install irrigation so the grass would get even watering. A lot of work, when the backyard was already green. So mom bought me flowering moss. I planted this, and also some moss left over from table decorations from my sisters wedding. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of my future front yard, haha.

Have a good week everybody!!

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